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750A cloth filter feeding filter cloth
产品描述: 750A夹布器上角进料双暗流滤布1、丙纶滤布材质性能:耐酸、耐碱、耐磨性好,导电性良好,回复性略好于涤纶, 在线咨询 750A cloth feeder feeding filter cloth Product description: 750A cloth clamp upper corner feeding double dark flow filter cloth 1. Polypropylene filter cloth Material performance: acid resistance, alkali resistance, good abrasion resistance, good conductivity, slightly better recovery Polyester, online consultation
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750A cloth clamp upper corner feed double undercurrent filter cloth

1. Material properties of polypropylene filter cloth : Good acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, good electrical conductivity, slightly better recovery than polyester, and poor corrosion resistance.

Heat resistance: Shrink slightly at 90 ° C. Elongation at break (%): 18-35.

Breaking strength (g / d): 4.5-9. Softening point (° C): 140-160.

Melting point (° C): 165-173. Specific gravity: O.9l.

2. Classification of polypropylene filter cloth: polypropylene short fiber filter cloth; polypropylene long fiber filter cloth.

3. Filtration performance of polypropylene filter cloth: polypropylene short fiber, short fiber, spun yarn and wool; polypropylene long fiber, long fiber. The formed yarn is smooth, so the industrial cloth made of polypropylene short fiber is woven with wool Both powder filtration and pressure filtration are better than long fibers. The industrial and technical fabrics made of polypropylene long-fiber weave have a smooth surface and good air permeability.

4, polypropylene filter cloth use: chemical, ceramics, pharmaceutical, smelting, manufacturing, beneficiation as a filter bottom.

Product number

Polypropylene staple fiber filter cloth: 4212 Polypropylene staple fiber filter cloth: 52l, 527, 534, 750 (AB), 750 (A), 750 (B), 522, 108 (B), 108 (C), 850.

Application range

750 series filter cloth can be widely used in desulfurization, environmental protection, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, beneficiation, non-ferrous metal, food, sugar, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries.

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