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The filter cloth of the filter press should be partially sealed to dissipate the kinetic energy of dust and smoke generated in the cycle

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The selection of filter cloths for filter presses is usually the opposite of backwashing methods. When handling bulk materials, local seals should be used, so that the dust and smoke generated in the cycle consume kinetic energy and the dust naturally precipitates. This kind of mechanical dust-proof and dust-removing accessories is called unpowered dust-removal in foreign countries. Suitable for most dust removal and dust removal places. Unpowered dedusting pretreatment may be required. Prevention is always more cost-effective than cure.

When using ventilation to remove dust, first consider low-energy electrostatic precipitators and consider bag filters. Most ventilation and dust removal accessories are treated to reduce emissions, but operating costs are high. Of course, the efficiency of some dust removal accessories will not fluctuate. It is also necessary to deal with actual results. Direct spraying to complete evaporative cooling can use a large amount of water to cool the flue gas, the volume expands, and the deceleration is also conducive to dust removal.

On the other hand, dust particles can be wetted, adhere to each other, aggregate and grow, and then easily separated from the atmosphere; therefore, from the perspective of reducing emissions, saving energy and reducing costs, we first consider unpowered dust and direct spray . Dust removal. The bag filter is vibrated before and after the vibration by a cleaning method. The type of cleaning method refers to a bag type dust collector with a dual cleaning effect of vibration and reverse airflow. Vibration causes loosening of dust and reverse flow causes dust to fall off.

When the filter cloth of a filter press is used for processing bulk materials, a partial seal should be used to dissipate the kinetic energy of dust and smoke generated in the cycle.

By using different filter cloths (also known as filter bags) to achieve different filter accuracy, speed, etc. for different filter objects. Each filter press plate is wrapped with a filter cloth. Suitable for different filters, acid and alkali resistance, tensile strength, filtration accuracy, filtration speed and other requirements. First determine the material and type of filter cloth to be used, and then place the matching filter bag on the filter cloth according to the size and shape of the filter plate, so that it is the heart of the filter element in the filter press.

Tensile fracture occurs when the fabric is subjected to large tensile forces during use. The tensile force that forces the fabric to break is called the breaking strength; the percentage of deformation and the original length produced during tensile breaking is called the elongation at break. The tensile fracture properties of a fabric are determined by factors such as the nature of the fiber, the structure of the yarn, the texture of the fabric, and the post-dyeing process. Fabrics are subject to various types of wear during wear and use, resulting in damage to the fabric. The abrasion resistance of the fabric is called abrasion resistance. The influencing factors are still the nature of the fiber, the structure of the yarn, the texture of the fabric and the post-treatment characteristics.

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