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Wrinkling can also be caused by improper bonding of filter cloth at the joints

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The material of the filter cloth is generally polyester, polypropylene, and vinylon. It has been identified by relevant health departments and is used in food and pharmaceutical industries without any side effects on human health. Before use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, rinse with warm water to prevent dirt from entering the fabric. When cutting the filter cloth, iron it with an electric iron (using a 1500W electric iron) to prevent loose latitude and longitude lines. The sewing thread must use the same performance thread; if using a filter cloth, if the cloth holes are blocked by dregs, and the cloth body is difficult to affect the filtration speed, the properties of the solution such as acetone, oxalic acid, toluene, caustic soda, alcohol can be selected according to various fibers. Soaking, washing (washing), (concentration depends on the situation) can make the cloth soft, restore the hydrophobicity and breathability of the filter cloth, and improve the use of the filter cloth.

When using a filter cloth, flatten the two sides and place the straps above the filter plate. The front and back of the filter cloth should be flat to cover the filter plate; one of the filter cloths is rolled into an elongated tube and then passed through a filter press Middle inlet; check that the inlet (outlet) hole on the filter cloth is aligned with the filter plate.

Causes of misalignment and wrinkling of the filter cloth: 1. Insufficient tension may cause wrinkling. Although the filter is equipped with a weighted rotating wheel for tensioning the filter cloth, the wheel requires additional weight. The roller slider has a notch for weighting. 2. Inappropriate bonding of filter cloth at the joint will also cause wrinkling. 3. Sometimes depositing solids on the filter cloth roller or sliding adjustment block will cause the filter cloth to misalign and wrinkle. When this happens, stop the filter and clean the roller and slide adjustment block thoroughly. Start the drive and readjust the filter cloth for centering and tensioning. Then carefully observe the accumulation of solids while the filter is operating normally. If necessary, increase the amount of rinse water to rinse out any remaining solids.

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