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To identify the filter cloth of a filter press, you must first understand the main indicators of the filter cloth

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To identify filter cloths for filter presses , you must first understand the main indicators of the filter cloth. Among them, there are mainly density, thickness, weight and breaking strength. For comparison, density, thickness and weight.

1. First look: large chemical fiber filter cloth is white and has good gloss. The small chemical fiber filter cloth is dark gray, with some filter felts, and the color is yellowish. The surface of the long fiber filter cloth is smooth and the gloss is good, and the surface of the short fiber filter cloth is covered with hair. There are also twill, plain weave and these lines, which can also help determine the model. Specifications vary by some lines.

2. Touch again: The softness of short fibers such as 208,729 is like a plush cloth, soft. 734,747,758 and 3927 are all woven from the same kind of raw materials, but with different thicknesses and densities. 3927 is rough and strong but not soft. Softness and roughness require you to sample and write it down. The density of the filter bag is one-handed, the other is only a few, and there are several wires at 10 cm. The corresponding filter cloth specifications have a density factor that can be roughly distinguished by comparison.

3. Rename: mainly measure the thickness of the filter cloth, take a small piece and call it.

4. Reburning: Where polyester burns black smoke, polypropylene burns blue. Others are not allowed to burn, it is difficult to say.

5, the above are a few points, the order of this idea is to determine whether it is a fabric, then determine the material, and then roughly determine the length and length of the fiber. Then, a filter cloth model is comprehensively determined according to the thickness, density and weight index of the filter bag filter cloth.

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