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Industrial filter cloth is especially suitable for filtering acid gypsum slurry in sewage treatment and phosphoric acid plant

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Industrial filter cloth is particularly suitable for filtering acid gypsum slurry in sewage treatment and phosphoric acid plants. According to foreign reports, its long service life is a promising new type of filter cloth.

The industrial filter cloth is heated by a heating method, and various fibers are mixed with a certain resin binder and a solvent to form a paper-like filter cloth having a thickness.

The fiber structure of the filter cloth is irregular, but disorderly and closely arranged, so its strength is not as good as that of a textile filter cloth, stronger than filter paper, and its porosity is thicker than filter paper, so the specific resistance is smaller than that of filter paper. Non-woven filter cloth has been used in filter presses and horizontal disc filters, mainly for clarification and purification of solid particles in low-concentration suspensions. Such as beverages, milk, varnishes, lubricants, etc. and vegetable gum filtration. The filtering mechanism of non-woven filter cloth is roughly divided into filtration, that is, the surface layer of the filter cloth is cut into large particles (greater than 100), and the inner layer cuts off highly dispersed small particles.

Weaving filter cloth to improve the filtering characteristics and physical and mechanical properties of filter cloth, and weaving filter cloth can be woven and finished. The processing method includes calendering: pressing the filter cloth gray cloth under a hot pressing roller to smooth the surface of the grey cloth, reduce the porosity between the cloth yarns, and improve the collection performance and slag discharge ability of the filter. cloth. . The strength of the filter cloth was slightly reduced after calendering. Polar fleece: Polar fleece: On one side of the filter cloth, a micro-tooth steel comb is used to make the fiber bundles on the surface of the filter cloth produce fine fluff, which improves the ability of the filter cloth. Retains tiny fine particles, improves separation, and improves filtrate. clear. Hot rolling treatment: This is limited to synthetic fiber filter cloths. The purpose is to improve the thermal stability or mechanical strength of filter cloths, making them more suitable for operation at higher temperatures. The material is a hot-rolled filter cloth woven from monofilaments.

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