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Henan Keyi Filter Cloth Co., Ltd. is a professional company that produces industrial filter cloths and screens. Main products: filter cloth, industrial filter cloth, filter cloth, filter press filter cloth, dust bag, filter bag, filter press bag, non-woven fabric manufacturer, monofilament, black monofilament and other products, new generation Z series chemical fiber single The pore diameter of silk filter cloth can be less than 5 microns, which is comparable to imported filter cloth. It is an ideal material for the filtration and pressure filtration processes in ore dressing, coal preparation, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, urban sewage and other industries. Can be used in filter presses, vacuum pressure filters, centrifuges and belt filters. Special specifications of filter cloth can be manufactured or customized according to user production requirements, such as filter cloth thickness, filtration accuracy, material, according to different Finished filter cloths processed to specifications are widely used in filter machinery manufacturers.

The main characteristics of the company's filter cloth are suitable for continuous machines, long cycle cycles, easy cleaning, time and labor saving, high production efficiency and long service life. The company's filter cloth (nylon, polyester, polypropylene, ethylene) has a full range of specifications, with an annual production capacity of 2 million square meters, which can meet the different needs of filter cloth users. Filter plate specifications for filter presses range from 1500-2500mm; filter bags for centrifuges ¢ 450mm- ¢ 2000mm. The company has a professional filter cloth sewing workshop to process and sew various filter sheets, filter bags, filter belts and other special technical requirements for you.

The quality of the company's filter cloth products is strictly implemented in accordance with the Q / 320586 ABT 01-2001 Z series industrial filter cloth standards. All filter cloths are mostly manufactured by rapier loom, high-temperature setting, and calendering inspection. Optional. The developed filter cloth products have been deeply loved by customers.

Business policy: customer first, quality first, benefit first;

Management methods: target management, standardized processes, continuous improvement;

Code of conduct: people-oriented, honest cooperation, frugality and integrity.

Quality policy-"Customer Satisfaction" is the company's eternal purpose. To provide customers with "zero defect" products and thoughtful service is the unremitting goal of every employee of the company.

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